EMISSION concept

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Inspiration for this work was to find the intersection between men’s and women’s wear, and display it in single pieces of the outfi ts. I wished to ask, “How far can fashion for men go, still appearing masculine but also capable of being worn by women without feeling “too feminine?” And vice-versa, I wanted to ask “How can women’s wear be adapted with masculine traits, without being labeled as “too manly?‘” Those are the central questions contributing to the execution
of this collection. This is no unisex-collection, but a collection for both genders. The gender-specifi c charisma should shift to the forefront, and in each case emphasize the individual gender without taking the stereotypical silhouette of men and women into account. It is all about the aura, that the single gender feels comfortable rather than emphasizing that the female body has curves or that males have broad shoulders. Based on the obvious physical differences between men and women, I concluded to let myself be guided by menswear, enabling me to equally provide suggestions for both genders – from the male perspective. To me, layering many different single pieces represents the diversity of each gender’s attributes to be flexible and interchangeable, fashion wise. Stylistically, both are distinguished from each other by their shoes and the silhouette of their legs, and can so emphasize their gender’s visual effect.
In order to give the male individual complete expression, he wears pants of soft sagging cloths made for the daily use without having a pure street style character. This collection’s special characteristics are composed from its multi-layering, which is accented by two high-contrast colors (black and ocher). The choice of color distinguishes the layers from each other and underlines the cut. Open edges are blurring the lines between men and women and crack the choice of color and straightness of the cut. The combination of soft sagging and hard cloths represents the contrast between men and women. Based on these demonstrated aspects this collection runs under the name “EMISSION”.

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